October 15, 2008

Very special guided tours…

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You need to know that at the Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio in Florence the theory of LIFE BEYOND TOURISM is being experimented with some very interesting tools and availabilities such as itineraries in the hidden and less known areas of Florence, local dishes and drinks to try at the restaurant and in the minibar of each room, films and books about Florence, etc.

Moreover, every guest is welcomed by a representative of the project who makes them feel comfortable offering a cup of italian coffee and explaining that in that particular hotel something new is happening and that they are a fundamental part of an important project!

Guests are given a questionnaire about the project and they are kindly asked to fill it out with their comments and suggestions to help us to improve it.

Till now we have collected more than 800 questionnaires and guests have been very helpful to us with their suggestions!

One of the guests has attached a very interesting article from the International Herald Tribune and it’s about some very original guided tours in Paris.

Thank you very much for the news and… here is the article:

Paris, Guided tours offered, and the price is right

A group of friendly Parisians has banded together to show strangers around their city, the one not found in travel books – at no charge.
The members of the group, the Paris Greeters, are happy to speak English or nine other languages.
The local volunteers are not certified tour guides, but rather ordinary citizens eager to show off their favorite boulangerie or point out a tranquil park perfect for watching autumn shades fill in the skyline.
“City officials wanted to change the image tourists have of Parisians,” said Dominique Cotta, president of the Paris Greeters.

I think that this should be a great idea also for Florence and other cities in the world, isn’t it?

Who can show tourists a city better than its inhabitants?

What do you think about it? Do you know other similar examples to tell us?

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