July 14, 2009


Hey bloggers,

while keeping on posting and sharing our travelling experiences, we would like to share with you the Life Beyond Tourim’s  principles, which are summarized in the Manifesto below.

We have created one page for each one of the Manifesto’s principles, and we would like you to pick one argument up in order to take an active role in the  definition of, and discussion on, the Life Beyond Tourism project!!

  1. Tourism is a crucial source of prosperity
    (click here to view #1’s page)

  2. Tourism provides an opportunity for getting to know
    . spirit of place
    . cultural diversity
    . traditional knowledge

    (cklick here to view #2’s page)

  3. Tourism in its various forms goes way beyond the mere satisfying of personal needs
    (cklick here to view # 3’s page)

  4. People working in the tourist industry foster awareness of spirit of place and of intercultural dialogue
    (click here to view #4’s  page)
  5. The tourist is a potential harbinger of  knowledge and of intercultural dialogue
    (click here to view #5’s  page)

  6. The tourist’s destination is a workshop of knowledge providing all visitors with an opportunity for personal growth
    (click here to view #6’s  page)

  7. Workshops for knowledge trigger a demand for increasingly high quality products not only in consumer services but also, and above all, in value-related terms
    (click here to view #7’s  page)
  8. Architectural, urban and environmental planning and management need to foster ‘knowledge’ and ‘intercultural dialogue’
    (click here to view #8’s  page)

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