October 23, 2009

August 7, 2008

Travel as a human experience

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Travel, be it an individual’s displacement or the sum of the migrations of faceless masses of human beings throughout the millennia, is at the source of the human experience. It is one of the most elemental activities, almost as basic as the act of breathing” (MONGA 1996: 6)(1)

(1) MONGA, Luigi (edited by), “L’odeporica/Hodoeporics” in “Travel and Travel Writing: An Historical Overview of Hodoeporics”, Annali d’italianistica, n. 14, 1996.

July 15, 2008

Worldsitetravellers talks about us!

Hello Travellers!

At the following address I found an article dedicated to us and to our Philosophy of travel. What a surprise!!! It is great to see that someone is interest on it!

Thought of the day

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Have a look at this “thought of the day”…

“…Tourism provides an opportunity for getting to know the spirit of a place and its identity…”

What do you think about it? Leave your comments and we’ll be very curious to read them!!!

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July 14, 2008

Your Travel Stories

Hello friends all over the world,

Have you just come back from an interesting travel? Have you got the recipe of a local dish from India? You have been on holiday but you are disappointed with the experience done? You work in the tourist industry and you want to tell us something about this world?

In this Blog you can leave your comments, suggestions, pictures, sensations about your travel experience and share them with other people! In a sense you will be ‘AUTHOR FOR ONE DAY’!!! Always remember that YOU are the protagonist of your experiences and your stories are all special because YOU tell them to us!

Have you already start writing? Well done! We are looking forward to reading your stories!!!

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